Living with border closures


This online panel and community forum aims to bring together community members and leaders from government, 宣传, media and academia to discuss the impacts of border closures on Western Sydney’s migrant communities. Along with hearing from a panel of sector leaders, we will be listening to the stories of Western Sydney residents about what the border closure means for their lives, their families and their communities.


Cost of living is a major focus in this election campaign, and yet political leaders have been unacceptably silent on the disproportionate impact of climate change on Australians with low incomes. This is particularly true for Western Sydney, home to around 2.500万人. Over the last half century, the balance of Sydney’s social housing has been pushed to the west, where it can be up to 10℃ hotter than the breeze-cooled coast.
We are currently watching candidates battle night and day to win a spot in federal parliament. Many put their lives on hold trying to become an MP. What is it like when they get there? 近年来, Australian politicians have been under immense pressure, responding to COVID-19, 洪水, fires and international war. Yet, research repeatedly shows Australians’ trust of political leaders is at an all-time low.
Last month former carbon market watchdog Andrew MacIntosh blew the whistle on Australia’s carbon offset market. He described the scheme as a “rort” with up to 80% of carbon offsets “markedly low in integrity”.While these allegations reignited debate over carbon offsets, the issues are not new. Integrity issues have plagued carbon trading
首页lessness remains a huge problem in Australia and an important contributing factor is low literacy levels. We interviewed 23 people who were homeless or had experienced homelessness to find out how they viewed literacy and participation in literacy classes. We wanted to know what would help or hinder them in attending literacy classes. Our report found low literacy levels


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